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Keys to Overcoming Obstacles Like a Movie Star

I love to watch car chase scenes in movies and on television! The car drivers zig zag, in and out of traffic barely missing cars, people, and other obstacles in their path… it’s exciting as long as it’s not real life. But what do you do when your real life resembles a car chase? What do you do when you set goals only to find that you are blocked by obstacles, or stuck in traffic? Do you let one bump in the road, or one flat tire stop you from reaching our goals?No. You do what the good guys do in the movies. In the car chases, the heroes are motivated. Although they are being chased by bad guys, threatened, and shot at while trying to ‘save the world,’ they all refuse to be defeated; despite the odds against them. In the same way, the key to our overcoming real life obstacles is to be motivated ‘as if our life depended on it’ like our heroes in the movies. In order to succeed, you have to have an incentive, a reason for taking a series of actions or heading toward a dream, and the desire to accomplish your goals no matter what obstacles you encounter.We can learn a lot from about motivation and success in overcoming obstacles from our movie heroes. If we take our cues from the movies, our heroes are motivated because they have:
clearly defined goals
flexibility and an ability to improvise when the unexpected happens
a cause or a purpose they believe in
a willingness to take calculated risks
acquired specialized training and expertise, sometimes through formal and other times through unconventional means
perseverance to keep fighting through the problems they encounter; and most importantly;
a mentor, teacher, advisor or coach who taught them, or who is still available, to share words of wisdom with them, and encourage them not to give up during trying times.
We can succeed like our big screen movie heroes if we don’t lose our motivation. So, what obstacles are in your path preventing you from making forward progress toward realizing your goals? What is causing you to lose your motivation or to think about giving up? Don’t under estimate the value of enlisting the help of an employment coach to help you maneuver through the obstacles. An employment coach will help you define your goals, and make adjustments or consider the calculated risks which should be taken. An employment coach will also encourage you and hold you accountable so that you will not get ‘stuck’ at a crossroads or go down a dead end street. Hire a coach, conquer the world!